Poast Design Studio will offer a series of design workshops during Bergen Design Festival, September 22 - October 1 2017. Come and have fun playing with some of our studio's tools and techniques. Open to the public! REGISTER FOR YOUR FREE WORKSHOP AT POAST.NO/WORKSHOPs. CALL +47 411 40 540 WITH QUESTIONS. Spaces are limited. 

Poast is the maker of the popular Wall Bowl and other products available in design shops throughout Bergen and abroad. Proud to be based in Bergen, Poast Design Studio is a small and quite international group of Swiss, American, Dutch, and Norwegian professionals. 

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Silicone Casting WORKSHOP

Study the properties of various silicone and latex materials, de-gas silicones in a vacuum chamber and make a mold, and work with provided molds to cast your own pendant necklace to wear home or give as a gift. This workshop is best for adults.

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Hanging Mobile Design

Use our 2D prototype cutting machine and software to create, cut, and assemble your own hanging art mobile. We'll work with wood, metal, paper, cork, and other materials. Fun to hang near the stellebord, to give as a baby gift, or to hang in your home or office. Taught by our design intern Lexi verzantvoort. THIS WORKSHOP IS APPROPRIATE FOR ALL AGES.